we want the cup !!!!

Wiggles and Bubbles Lollipop

Boston hockey, rock music, drumming (wgi14) and way too many tv shows, most of which are british.


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patrice, love, happiness

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when ever my team loses I don’t even have a reaction anymore I just kind of stare blankly into an imaginary camera like I’m on the office

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i love milan lucic more than so many things

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1. Who would make the best stand-up comedian?
2. Who do you think is the best cook on the team?
3. Fave bromance
4. If one player on your team was to make it to space, who would it be?
5. Player you wouldn't be surprised still lived with his parents
6. Who do you think is the worst roommate?
7. One person on your team can only eat Cap'n Crunch for the rest of his life, who do you choose?
8. Player on your team who would make the best coach
9. Player you think would starve to death in a grocery store
10. Who do you think is always late for the bus?
11. Who was most likely to have been a band geek in high school?
12. Who would you want to see win an Oscar some day?
13. Biggest Mama's boy.
14. Who will be perpetually single on your team?
15. Who secretly wishes they were a goalie?
16. Which two players would you like to see body swap for a day?
17. Which guy is most likely to watch highlights of himself after a game?
18. Do you think any players have jerseys or shirts with other teammates names on them?
19. Person who would willingly drink a bottle of ketchup
20. Who do you think takes the most selfies?
21. Do you think any player on your team secretly has a Tumblr account?
22. Who is most likely to Google himself?
23. Which player on your team do you find the funniest on Twitter?
24. Which player goes to bed the earliest?
25. Funniest story, picture or moment you can think of that you heard/saw about your team

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Matt Duchene singing along to the national anthem of Canada
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My friend is doing a fashion shoot for a school project and my other friend made the shirt so here I am this is what I’m gonna wear I’ll post another where you can see my friends art better.

The shoot is based off that article about what fashion trends that guys hate and I chose shirts with exposed sides and leggings :)

Also I apologize that the lighting in both are reallyyyyy bad