we want the cup !!!!

Wiggles and Bubbles Lollipop

Boston hockey, rock music, drumming (wgi14) and way too many tv shows, most of which are british.


message me i'll be your friend

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My favorite part of a goal is when the guy just skates to a certain spot, stops, and wait for everyone else with there arms open like “yes, I did the thing and now you love me!”

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Anonymous said: what kind of music do you like? which are your fave bands?

oh hi friend! I like everything from classic rock to alt to metal. Faves are foo fighters, queens of the stone age, mother mother, bastille, modest mouse, bombay bicycle club and like a zillion others idk i’m addicted it’s kind of a problem 

sometimes i hate having no one to talk to about music ok

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"I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment." -Gregory Campbell


yo ok so I need more hockey blogs to follow bc I follow like maybe 3 right now so reblog this is you post stuff about hockey like

  • Boston Bruins
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • basically any team that isn’t the Toronto Maple leafs


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They kill me.

Horty. stop.

i have an hour and a half before i leave… maybe i should actually try to do something now… 

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Is this legal?
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Vote Marchy yo

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— Tuukka Rask on Kevan Miller (via xoxostephanie11)

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